Fueller - Available Now!

Fueller for iPhone® and iPad® is a fuel gauge that monitors your fuel level from your vehicle's computer system and sends it to your Twitter® account as a status update.

  • Tank size is entered by user, Fueller will calculate the amount used, the amount remaining and send as a status update.
  • GPS can be used to include location information in status update.
  • Status update rate is adjustable from 1 to 100 minute intervals.
  • Ability to select from multiple accounts allowing the user to have a separate account for their vehicle, or use their own account to let followers know their fuel status.
  • Status updates can be disabled to use the application as a simple auxiliary fuel gauge.
  • Racing pit crews can monitor the fuel level.
  • Keep tabs on your fuel if you suspect your fuel is being stolen by thieves.
  • Monitor your fuel usage if your engine is using more fuel than normal.