Know your speed! Speeder is your own personal speedometer. Using the built-in GPS, or an optional OBD WiFi interface connected to your car's OBD port, Speeder lets you know your current speed. Also, it can send the speed to your Twitter® account as a status update to keep your followers in the know.

  • Supports both MPH and km/h.
  • Map view shows location with speed.
  • Also includes auto-follow and zoom to location tools.
  • Status update rate is adjustable from 1 to 100 minute intervals.
  • Ability to select from multiple Twitter accounts allowing the user to have a separate account for speed tracking.
  • Status updates can be disabled to use the application as a simple auxiliary speedometer.
  • Racers are able to provide their fans with speed status updates via Twitter.
  • Know your speed while cycling, 4-wheeling, boating, or driving.



Speeder v1.5 running with GPS simulator

**Note** Speeder works with both the built-in GPS, or an optional OBD Wi-Fi hardware interface that is sold separately. The OBD interface option is only required to read the speed from your vehicle's computer system.