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How to Build an Internet of Things Dashboard

Add your feed ID, or some other interesting feed ID to the bookmarks.  For example, using the add bookmarks screen add the following weather feed IDs: 105162, 84186

Return to the map screen, then select the overview button from the map screen to show an overview of the data streams. 

Pick one of the data streams from the overview table to open the toolbox. Select the dashboard builder button.
Select (+) button to add a new dashboard.
Enter a name for the dashboard and hit the Save button. For this example, call it Weather Dashboard.
An empty dashboard editor screen will be shown.  Select the Edit button to start editing. Select the Add Datastreams button to start adding the data streams that were shown on the overview screen.

Select any data streams that you would like shown on your dashboard. 
Return back to the edit screen.
Return back to the overview screen when finished editing.
Select an item from the overview screen to open the toolbox again.  Now, select the Dashboards button.
A dashboard will be shown with the selected data streams. The above process can be repeated to create additional dashboards.  Clicking on one of the gauges will zoom to show just the selected gauge.  Use a two finger pinch to zoom back out to show all the gauges.